Monday, November 13, 2006


"Madeleine" My debut Novel
About the author and the Novel: Victor Kevian has written various literary pieces since the age of thirteen in a number of different medias. In this debut novel these characters have been haunting him for over forty years so like a medium or an intermediary he has put in writing their life and his years as a scholar in the USSR. The novel portrays the escapades of a Russian prisoner of war (Sergey) returning to the homeland with a new French pregnant lover (Madeleine). Upon arrival he is accused as a traitor and defector and exiled to the gulags. Seventeen years later Victor settles in a dormitory room in Moscow State University sharing with a Russian student (Vladimir). Before departure Victor’s mother demands from him to search for Madeleine her best friend who has been in incommunicado all these years.Upon finding and visiting Madeleine, Victor discovers that her son (Vincent) and Vladimir(Victor's roommate) are brothers as Sergey had left a child behind on his departure to war. Madeleine is the woman in love robbed of mercy, justice, truth and freedom. The novel needs desperately editing and hopefully publishing!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Intro of my first blog

During my studies in the USSR I met a friend (Madeleine) of my mother who had migrated with her Russian prisoner of war husband (Sergey) to Moscow after WWII and upon arrival was exiled to one of the gulags as a deserter. Before going to war Sergey had left behind a child (Vladimir) who became my roommate in the dormitary of Moscow state University, meanwhile Madeleine also had a child (Vincent) from him.Its the story of the revelation of the two step brothers and Madeleine's lonely tragic life and death.
Over forty years these characters have haunted me.
Like a medium or an intermediary, I put their life in writing, instinctively, unknowing the outcome.
It needs editing and publishing but I am impatient to make it known.
The following blogs will have contents that are related to present days.

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